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Are you thinking about buying a new computer? Don't waste your money! We can make your computer fast again for a fraction of the price. Not sure if the computer is serviceable or even worth repairing? Bring it in to our shop and our initial consultation is free. If the computer is too old or would cost too much to upgrade, we will gladly tell you at no cost to you.

ABOUT US: Along time ago, in a world of floppy drives, VGA monitors and big hair, we was providing training and support for governmental, science and engineering firms. There was alot of travel involved. I soon learned that the same services I was providing to corporations was needed by home users as well. So, I opened this shop in Elizabeth in 1996, and here we are.


Call us now @ 412-384-4993 for premium, personal and easy to understand, American support. We have been in our Elizabeth location for over twenty years.

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AVG Free Antivirus
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Mcafee Removal Tool 
Nortons Removal Tool
Remove Malwarebytes

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Domain Name Registration.  -  Let face it, picking the right domain name is the first step in building your website.  Picking the right domain name now will help with people finding you later.  There is much more than than .coms and .nets nowadays . isn’t quite the same as  There are bunches of new domain name formats you should look at.  I’ll help you pick the right domain name for your business to start you out right.

Web Hosting -  When someone clicks on your website  a computer somewhere in the world sends your website to them.  Your website has to be on a reliable and fast computer somewhere that can deliver your website to the person who wants to see it.  This is called web hosting.  Not all web hosting is the same.

Website Creation - Your website should tell your customer these essential things.  Who you are, what you do, where you do it, when you do it, and most importantly, why you do it.  You can have the prettiest website in the world, but if you don’t cover those five basic rules, no-one will ever find you. You also need to make sure you stick to someone that writes website using modern coding techniques and tools. Websites that was written six or seven years ago are prone not being displayed properly on modern devices like iPads, tablets and phones or worse, being hacked. When you hire a developer, make sure that they are using strict HTML5 and minimize the Java.

Website Editing - Does your website need some special editing?  Did your store hours change or do you want to update your offerings or include some new pictures on your existing Website?  Give us a call, we can help.

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram - The Internet is getting bigger everyday.  Websites by themselves are no longer good enough.  More and more people are spending more and more of their time on social sites and many times these folks start looking for help and support for darn near everything in those social sites.  If those potential customers cannot find you there, but they do find your competitors, you lose.  Make sure you tap your business into these social sites so they can find you.

Here are some examples of Websites I have done and maintain for local businesses

Absolute Chimney

The Chimney and Fireplace Specialists

* Installation of Wood Stoves and Chimney StackAbsolute-Chimney
* Chimney Relining - Chimney Fire Restoration Specialists
* Masonry Repairs & Rebuild - Waterproofing
* Animal Displacement - Dryer Vent
* Cleaning\Certified Chimney Restoration
* Installation of Gas Logs and Gas Lines
* Fireplace, Furnace, Hot Water Flues Cleaned
* Chimney Caps and Dampers
* Fire Box Repair & Rebuild
* New Homeowner Inspections - Red Tag Specialist
* Insurance Claims
* Professional Workmanship
* Home Improvements, Decks, Remodeling
* Complete Chimney Restoration From Fire & Lightning Strikes


Deluxe Lawn Care

Grass Cutting - Fertilizing and Weed Control - Dethatching and Aeration 
Shrub Trimming - Mulch Installation Retaining Walls - Tree Removal
Fall Clean Up - Snow Plowing and Salting

Just about everyone in southwestern PA has some type of hill on their property and retaining walls need to be functional AND attractive. A well made and attractive retaining wall not only can make your property easier to navigate but can also increase your properites value.


Tims Corner Bar

Welcome to Tims Corner Bar. Whether it is 95 degrees or snowing outside, the atmosphere in Tim's Corner Bar is always nice, friendly and comfortable. Great food, cold beer, fantastic drinks and a friendly atmosphere make Tims Corner Bar a great place to meet up with Family and Friends. Enjoy a game of pool or play on one of the areas last full sized shuffle boards.


James F Kemp

Fully Insured – Call on us for all your fabrication needs